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Writing This Year

Novels: 0 completed, though I did several full edits on both Hunger Makes the Wolf and The Novel Formerly Known as King’s Hand. Oh, and I sold Hunger Makes the Wolf to Angry Robot (holy shit!!!!) which is why it’s got that as a title now rather than Fire in the Belly. Wrote 12K words on a novel project for someone else that has unfortunately been put on hold now. Also wrote a 10.8K-word outline for the sequel to Hunger Makes the Wolf because no I don’t have a problem you have a problem. I’m about 20K words into that novel now.

Novellas: 1

Novellettes:  1

Short Stories: 3

Flash: 1

Feature Length Scripts: 2

Paid Reviews/Nonfiction: 5 (plus 10 Book Riot posts)

Treatments: 4

Editing: I edited a short story anthology, No Shit There I Was and we’re in the final stages of getting it ready to go. I also briefly did some very low-paying freelance editing (of romance stories, of all things) while I was unemployed, during which I learned quite a bit.

Consigned to the trunk of awfulness, never to return: None this year, surprisingly. Maybe I’ve winnowed it down enough.

Best/Favorite story of the year: I think I’m obligated to say it’s Hunger Makes the Wolf, which will be my first published novel as of next year. And I’m very pleased with it! Sons of Anarchy meets Dune and all, thank you Mike Underwood for coming up with that awesome description. Second place goes to the short story I wrote recently that involves a Latina retiree in a punk band. I hope I’ll get to share that one with you at some point.

Magic Spreadsheet wordcount: I have been tracking on the spreadsheet since June 24, 2013.

  • Total words written: 465,741
  • Average words per day: 1,276 (better than last year’s 1,110/day)
  • Days in a row written: 1, 286 (3 years without stopping, still going strong)


Queries sent: 36
Rejections received: 27
Pending: 4
Most rejections received: This year, it’s Excerpts from the Personal Journal of Dr. V. Frankenstein, MD, Department of Pathology, Our Lady of Mercy Hospital, with seven rejections, but I love that story and am going to keep trying.
Total earned: $7,791.47 which is the most I’ve earned from writing in any year, by a lot. I even turned a profit, technically, which is very exciting. I did my best to hustle freelance work while I was unemployed in the hopes that I could make a go at supporting myself, but basically many people seem to think that writers/editors don’t deserve to make even minimum wage for the amount of time they spend on things. (For example, paying $20 for a novellette that it took me five hours to edit well because it was such a hot mess.)

Published this year:

  1. Spirit Tasting List for Ridley House, April 2016 from Shimmer
  2. The Long Game from Kaleidotrope
  3. .subroutine:all///end in Shimmer #31
  4. Silver Fish from Lakeside Circus
  5. Fire in the Belly from Mothership Zeta 
  6. Game Review: Have You Met My New Birdie? He’s a Lawyer
  7. There Is No “I” in Lazer Team
  8. I Wish I’d Read Xenogenesis Twenty Years Ago
  9. A New Hope
  10. Lavie Tidhar’s novel Central Station is a mosaic of posthuman problems (Ars Technica)
  11. I Want the Longest Audiobook You have (Book Riot)
  12. Seven First Contact Novels (Book Riot)
  13. Buy, Borrow, Bypass: “Great Literature” I Hated in High School (Book Riot)
  14. Talking to Writers at Parties (Book Riot)
  15. What’s Being Done to Fix the Hugos (Book Riot)
  16. No Judgment Zone: Tie-in Edition (Book Riot)
  17. Unicorns and Swords: Nostalgia Reading (Book Riot)
  18. Books to Read at the Poké Stop (Book Riot)
  19. An Open Letter to a Novel I Was Certain I’d Love (and Didn’t) (Book Riot)
  20. Why Field Geologist Should Always Carry a Paperback (Book Riot)

Slated for 2017:

  1. Hunger Makes the Wolf from Angry Robot Books (available for pre-order!)
  2. Comfort Food in Haunted Futures
  3. Past the Black Where Call the Horns in Kzine
  4. Vaca Muerta and the Hounds of Heck in GigaNotoSaurus

Goals for 2017

  1. Shut up and write.
  2. Get Angry Robot the next book, well-written and on time.
  3. Get Wrath written.
  4. Write at least one more feature-length screenplay, if not two.
  5. Keep submitting to festivals.
  6. Six short stories, including the birthday short. After five years, I think I’m going to keep on with that as a tradition, mostly because it feels nice to write a story with the aim of giving the money to charity. I have no idea what I’m going to do for this year, but we’ll see.
  7. Another anthology? Get it in development at least.
  8. Finally convince Bungie to let me write that Twilight Gap novel in the style of Killer Angels. I’ve got to have an impossible dream on this list every year, right?

Other Stuff

  1. This was the year I finally got an agent, the inimitable DongWon Song. Holy shit.
  2. This was the year I sold a novel. Holy shit.
  3. I submitted one of my screenplays to a film festival and was a finalist. That was… unexpected, and confidence-boosting.
  4. Officially received my Feature Film Screenwriting Certificate from UCLA. For what that’s worth.
  5. Lost my job. Moved back to Colorado. Got a new job in a completely different industry. That was… a major change.
  6. I spent more days than I care to remember ripping cat pee soaked carpet out of my house and even more days in the bowels of home improvement hell as the flooring was replaced. Not the most fun I’ve had in my life.
  7. This is the year I came out. I’m still finding places where I need to change my name and I suspect I will be for a while.
  8. Still a Sunbreaker for life, yo.

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For 2016, I have had five short stories (<7500 words) published:

And all of them are freely available online!

In the realm of potentially other useful things:

Though if you have a favorite blog thing I’ve written this year (and I admit, they’ve gotten pathetically sparse since June) let me know!

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Written This Year

Novels: None completed. Edited Fire in the Belly again, edited King’s Hand. Both of them are out at a couple places now. Put some more words on Wrath: a Love Story but got badly sidelined by other projects.

Novellas: 1

Novellettes:  3

Short Stories: 4

Flash: 1

Paid Film Reviews: 6

Treatments: 4

This is probably the fewest stories I’ve ever written in a single year. Part of this is due to the fact that I was taking screenwriting classes all year, and a lot of my writing time got eaten up by homework. I’ve also got several longer pieces in progress, which means they don’t show up on the tally but I spent a lot of time on them.

Also excited because this is the first time I’ve gotten paid to review films!

Consigned to the trunk of awfulness, never to return: Only one, a shameful “stories that writers who aren’t trans write about trans people” effort.

Best/Favorite story of the year: Favorite is the novelette I just finished writing, Glamazon Versus Deus Ex Machina Man. Best is probably Vaca Muerta and the Hounds of Heck, neither of which I’ve sold yet. But here’s hoping you’ll get to read both of them in the not too distant future.

Magic Spreadsheet wordcount: I have been tracking on the spreadsheet since June 24, 2013.

  • Total words written: 967,047; this puts me at 405,000 words written this year. See, I told you I wrote a shitload even if it didn’t translate out to actual finished stories.
  • Average words per day: 1,110 (better than last year)
  • Days in a row written: 920, so that means for the last two entire years, I have not missed a single day of writing at least 250 words.


Queries sent: 40
Rejections received: 25
Pending: 9
Most rejections received: Empty Hallways in Need of Feet has 9 rejections currently, 3 from this year; the former champion, The Long Game, finally got bought by someone! Sometimes I think I should give up on this story, but I just like it too much.
Total earned: $1,133.70, with ~$500 outstanding from various sales at this time. Not nearly as well as I did last year, since I didn’t find another gig like the one I had with Six to Start in 2014.

Published this year:

  1. Superhero, With Crooked Nails in Protectors 2: Heroes
  2. A Brief Memo From Your Amygdala, Re: the Horror Movie We Have Just Seen from Daily Science Fiction (8/4/15)
  3. Only a Crack in a Black Glass Wall in Welcome to the Future
  4. Turbo Kid: Why this BMX Blood Sparkle Unicorn Apocalypse Will Blow Your Mind (review of Turbo Kid) in Mothership Zeta issue 1
  5. Ex Machina Review for Strange Horizons
  6. Avengers: Age of Ultron Review for Strange Horizons
  7. Jupiter Ascending Review for Strange Horizons
  8. Zero Theorem Review for Strange Horizons
  10. [REDACTED]

Slated for 2016:

  1. A New Hope (review of The Force Awakens) in Mothership Zeta
  2. Comfort Food in Haunted Futures
  3. .subroutine///end from Shimmer
  4. Fire in the Belly from Mothership Zeta
  5. Silver Fish from Lakeside Circus
  6. The Long Game from Kaleidotrope

Goals for 2016

  1. Be as awesome as Poe Dameron.
  2. Shut up and write
  3. Do the scary thing ASAP oh shit oh shit
  4. Edit together an amazeballs anthology from the glorious, jackalope-infested No Shit Anthology slushpile, seriously I love everyone in this bar and there’s still a little less than a week to get your submission in.
  5. Finish 2 feature length screenplays: Stormcrows and The Heist
  6. Finish writing Wrath: a Love Story
  7. Get your screenwriting certificate from UCLA
  8. Finish up [REDACTED]
  9. Look for a more regular movie review gig; I’d really like to do more of this
  10. Still dreaming of having an agent. Forever dreaming. Though at this point I’d be just as happy to cut out the middle man and go directly to a publisher. Maybe I’ll start bothering smaller presses this year.
  11. Birthday story for TH, got it figured out already and it’s going to be difficult because I’m awful at writing horror.
  12. Do a couple movie torture fundraisers. Maybe Gods of Egypt? That looks terrible.

Other Stuff

  1. Went on my first business trip this year for day job. That was interesting. West Virginia is very pretty and I would not want to live there.
  2. Started playing a first person shooter for the first time ever; Destiny has kind of changed my life.
  3. Went to my first ever professional writer conference. Still mulling over if I think it was worth the cost outlay. It might just be that I’m total shit at networking.
  4. Was crew on a short film. It was… sure something. Stressful and difficult and cool. Still miss all of the wonderful people I worked with on that.
  5. I’ve started running again. I’ve kind of fallen off on the biking just because the roads in Houston scare me way too badly and I have a difficult time waking up early enough to make it for 7AM group ride starts. But running plus the extra walking I’ve been doing thanks to playing Ingress seems to have gone a long way toward fixing my incipient back problems.
  6. The Force Awakens, man. Talk about changing your life. It’s been a long, long time since I was this excited about a movie.

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Written This Year

Novels: I finally, finally, finally finished King’s Hand during Thanksgiving break. I am dreading the editing because it is a hot mess and then some. And then I immediately started a new project currently called Wrath: a Love Story because I hate myself. I also put together an anthology of the Captain Ramos novellas, which involved writing new material to go with each one!

Shorter Stuff

  • Flash: 2
  • Short Stories: 3? :( Though I did serious re-edits on 3 older short stories.
  • Novellettes/Novellas: 4
  • Short Scripts: 20 (oh, okay, that’s where all my writing time went)

Consigned to the trunk of awfulness, never to return: Only one, though safe to say that at least 5 of the short scripts haven’t been so much put in the trunk as just written in there to begin with for practice.

Best/favorite story of the year: Actually, my favorite is one of the episodes I wrote for Six to Start‘s Superhero Workout game. Because it involved a ludicrous number of references to various musicals. And even though I wrote They Tell Me There Will Be No Pain last year, I’m super stoked about it having been in Women Destroy Sci-fi‘s limited edition print book and getting to be in Lightspeed!

Magic Spreadsheet Wordcount: I started tracking on the magic spreadsheet on June 24, 2013.

  • Wordcount is at: 562,047, which makes it 353,488 for the year
  • Average words per day: 968 (I can live with that)
  • Days in a row written at: 555 so that means yes, I’m at over a year of writing at least 250 words every day!

Queries sent: 38
Rejections received: 31
Pending: 6
Most rejections received: Definitely Flash Bang, the Long Game, which now has 21 rejections total, and collected 7 of those this year. Most of the rejections I receive are not form and very complimentary. No one wants it. I refuse to give up.
Total earned: $3,109.24, a large portion of which is thanks to Six to Start. Still significantly in the red considering my outlay, but I have zero complaints. It was a pretty awesome year in that standpoint, even if I’m disappointed in my query numbers.

Published this year:

  1. They Tell Me There Will Be No Pain from Lightspeed Magazine (Payment was donated to UNICEF UK.) (12/1/14)
  2. Six episodes of Superhero Workout Game
  3. Asleep in Zandalar from Abyss and Apex (6/30/14)
  4. List of Items in Leather Valise Found on Welby Crescent from Shimmer #19
  5. What Purpose a Heart from Scigentasy (5/3/14)
  6. The Heart-Beat Escapement from Crossed Genres (4/1/14) and a little bonus material
  7. Perfect Blue, Scorched Black from Perihelion (2/12/14)
  8. A World of Speculation from Lakeside Circus (2/8/14)
  9. And Still Champion from The Lorelei Signal (January 2014)

Slated for 2014: 

  1. Only a Crack in a Black Glass Wall in Welcome to the Future
  2. The Adventures of Captain Ramos: Year One (collection) from Musa Publishing
  3. The Flying Turk from Musa Publishing
  4. Extradition from Musa Publishing
  5. Concerning Minister Wu’s Tea from Musa Publishing

Stories put online this year: 

  1. Midnight Baking

Goals for 2015: 

  1. Shut up and write. Always.
  2. Keep plugging away at the new novel.
  3. Write at least one feature-length screenplay because I believe I can do it.
  4. Then cry because I will have yet another long thing sitting on my hard drive and slushpile hell argle bargle weh weh weh fart noise sad trombone.
  5. I can still dream of having an agent, can’t I?
  6. Birthday story for Mr. TH. I know what I want to write. Just have to do it. Don’t choke, self.
  7. Finish editing second novella I owe Musa. Write the third and turn it in. Come up with proposals for one or two more for 2016.
  8. Write at least one brave, difficult, strange story that makes me weep at my keyboard.
  9. Write a few more short stories. Be better about slushpiling novels.
  10. Speaking of, get Throne of Nightmares out into a slush pile already. (Fire in the Belly actually is sitting in another, currently at four months and counting…)
  11. Submit some shorts to a festival or two because Sera believes in me.
  12. Get back out there and look for more script writing freelance work.

Other/Personal Shit

  1. Have been involved in the terrifying and Byzantine process of planning to shoot a short film. And I haven’t even been doing the difficult stuff, holy shit.
  2. Survived my first workshop at work, presented a well, wore a bow tie while doing so and looked goddamn fabulous.
  3. Had surgery on the big toe of my left foot. You know how I said shoulder surgery sucks? I’m honestly starting to feel like this foot surgery has sucked way more. Something to do with that whole foot being constantly in use due to walking and standing thing.
  4. Got divorced.

It’s been an interesting year.

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Written This Year

Novels: Still zero. I’ve been plugging away at King’s Hand, but with my other projects that had actual deadlines and finishing up grad school, I didn’t manage to finish anything novel length. Ugh. However, I did full edits (content + line editing) on both Throne of Nightmares and Fire in the Belly so I’ll be ready to throw myself headfirst back into query hell next year.

Shorter Stuff
Flash: 4
Short Stories: 5
Novellettes/Novellas: 5

Other: I wrote a 12-page screen play, just to see if I could. Well, I could. Working on another short screenplay now.

Consigned to the trunk of awfulness, never to return: 5 stories, one of which I wrote this year, four of which were older stories I no longer believe in.

Best/favorite story of the year: Tie between The Curious Case of Miss Clementine Nimowitz (and her Exceedingly Tiny Dog) and List of Items in Leather Valise Found on Welby Crescent. Apparently the way to my heart this year is through very long, silly titles. But I like Clementine because it’s a silly story with a painful heart, and I like List of Items because it’s a story with a painful heart told in an odd way and I’m still astounded I got it to work.

Magic Spreadsheet Wordcount: I started tracking on the magic spreadsheet on June 24. Wordcount is at: 208,559, days in a row written at: 189. For wordcount, I give myself credit on rough draft writing (both original and fanfiction, not that I’ve written much fanfic lately) as well as blog posts. I also give myself 250 words of credit for each chapter of a novel I edit (or completed short story) plus new content wordcount if I’ve had to add a new scene or anything to the piece.

Queries sent: 86
Rejections received: 66
Pending: 10
Most rejections received: Just for this year, Silver Fish with 8 rejections; The Heart-Beat Escapement isn’t far behind at 7. Total (and not counting novels because they cheat) Stranger wins at 20 rejections before Silver Blade Magazine accepted it for publication.
Total earned: $1102.86 which is a number I find rather stunning. With going to cons and having bookmarks made, I’m still definitely in the red when it comes to the writing “career” but not nearly as much as I have been in the

Published this year:

  1. Black Smoker Hero from SQ Mag, which also win second place in the Story Quest short story competition. (Technically this was published January 1, but since SQ is Australian, they are one day in the future relative to me.)
  2.  Significant Figures from Strange Horizons (12/16/13) –and a podcast version!
  3. Do Shut Up, Mister Simms from Musa Publishing (11/1/2013) [BN | Amazon | Smashwords | iTunes]
  4. Blood in Elk Creek from Musa Publishing (9/6/2013) [BN | Amazon | Smashwords | iTunes]
  5. Stranger from Silver Blade Magazine
  6. Breaking Orbit from Daily Science Fiction (07/23/13)
  7. Samsara in Waylines issue #4
  8. The Curious Case of Miss Clementine Nimowitz and Her Exceedingly Tiny Dog from Musa Publishing (6/14/2013) [Amazon | BN | Smashwords | iTunes]
  9. Murder on the Titania from Musa Publishing (4/5/2013) [Amazon | BN | Smashwords | Kobo | iTunes]
  10. The Ugly Tin Orrery from Musa Publishing (5/17/2013) [Amazon | BN | Smashwords | Kobo | iTunes]

Slated for 2014: 

  1.  A World of Speculation from Lakeside Circus
  2. The First Bone from Stupefying Stories 
  3. Hyperion from Scape
  4. And Still Champion from The Lorelei Signal
  5. List of Items in Leather Valise Found on Welby Crescent from Shimmer

Stories put online this year: 

  1. Entangled
  2. Utar the Radish Farmer

Goals for 2014: 

  1. Shut up and write.
  2. Finish King’s Hand. NO REALLY I MEAN IT THIS TIME.
  3. Finally get representation nailed down for at least one of my novels. Pretty please?
  4. Finish up birthday story for Mr. TH; got it done a bit early this year. Fix the one from last year since I’m still not happy with it. Work on getting both sold, donate money, etc.
  5. Proposals for three more novellas for Musa, then write them.
  6. Write at least one brave, difficult, strange story that makes me weep at my keyboard.
  7. Just write more in general. My productivity was down from last year, though I certainly sold more! Which has me pleased. But I’m also running short on pieces to send out, so I need to replenish my stockpile.
  8. Complete at least one screenplay of some length good enough to be submitted to… something. I don’t know. I have to do some research on how the screenplay thing works.

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This had to wait until I got home so I could count my rejection slips.

Written This Year

Novels: Complete rough draft of Fire in the Belly at ~135k words, and I've put in ~41k words on the rough draft of King's Hand, which I'm hoping to finish next year.

Shorter stuff:
Written total: 6 short stories, 2 novelettes
Finalized: 6 short stories, 1 novelette
Consigned to the Trunk of Awfulness, never to emerge: 1 novelette (I've decided that Song of the Departed really just needs to be rolled into a novel)
Best/favorite short story of the year: Tie between The Perfect Blue and Asleep in Zandalar. The former was just so much fun to write and the guys at NCWW loved it, and the latter I literally still cannot read through without tearing up.

I also wrote about ~50k words of Thor fanfiction split between short stories and a great big novella. I just note this not because it impacts my publishing stats, but because I've been writing like a mofo this year and it feels pretty awesome.

So much for my prediction last year that my productivity would be lower, eh? We'll see about 2012, since I seem to have figured out how I want to work at my writing, but I also have a thesis to write.

Queries Sent: 137
Rejections Received: 109
Most rejections received: Throne of Nightmares now has an unfair advantage, and if I count its rejections I may just cry so let's skip it. Of the shorter stories, And Still Champion wins at 10 rejections this year.

Published this year: Transportation in Anotherealm, The Falling Star in the New Fairytales Anthology by Aurora Wolf

Slated for next year: The Day Dietrich Himmel Killed an Angel in Darwin's Evolutions

Also, I put INFECTION online at AO3 since it was rejected from Machine of Death 2 and I won't be able to do anything else with it.
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I know I already did a year-end post, but I dug this meme up from the archives. I haven't done it since 2005, so I thought what the hell, let's dust it off and start doing it again. It's fun to compare the different answers from year to year.

Snip for a meme! )
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Since one of my major projects for the year was writing, I want to cover that first. And it's exciting, because I finally got to put my big girl writer pants on this summer! I'm now officially an associate member of the SFWA, which was a giant personal accomplishment for me, to go with getting my first story published at a pro rate.

Written This Year

Novels: I started work on two novels and am still having a hard time figuring out which to work on first. Which is fine, since I haven't had a lot of time or attention span for working on something long anyway. I also got about a third of the way in to a second draft of one of my old NaNos, but let it fall by the wayside in favor of Throne of Nightmares

This year I also completed three separate drafts of Throne of Nightmares, which Isaac and Sin were good enough to critique. I also have started sending out queries for Throne of Nightmares, which is exciting and terrifying at the same time. We'll see if I have any luck there...

Shorter stuff:
Written total: 8 short stories, 1 novelette, 1 novella
Finalized: 5 short stories, 1 novelette
Consigned to the Trunk of Awfulness, never to emerge again: 1 short story

Queries Sent: 48
Rejections Received: 38
Most rejections received: Transportation at 14

Published this year: The Book of Autumn in Beneath Ceaseless Skies issue #49.
Slated for next year: Transportation in Anotherealm in September, The Falling Star in the New Fairytales Anthology by Aurora Wolf which should be coming out in early 2011.

So I feel that generally, I did a good job with writing this year! I'm hoping to do as well next year, though I think my productivity will be lower since I won't have half a year off of school this time around.


This, I didn't do so well at. Total, I did 165 entries this year, which is okay I guess... averages about one every three days or so. But I was trying for every other day. Up until about September I did all right (we shall not speak of April... my excuse is wedding prep!) but after that my productivity just tanked. I honestly don't think next year will be much better thanks to that grad school thing. In the grand scheme of things, if I have to choose between writing a blog post and writing on a story, the story is bound to win.

Everything Else!

2010 was a massive, crazy year for me. And mostly filled with good instead of bad, so I can't complain at all.

The Good

1. I got married! (I have many photos, by the way...) That was exciting, and involved some wonderful cake and a lot of British people wandering around in Colorado and feeling faintly bemused. Married life has, honestly, not been much different from unmarried life considering Mike and I had been living together for five years before the wedding. But it was still an incredibly important milestone in our relationship and I couldn't be happier.

2. I started grad school! I've still got my doubts, worries, and uncertainties, but I survived my first semester, and I think I survived it fairly well. Of one of my classes, the less said of it the better, but the other - sedimentary petrology - I did really well in. I even got the highest score in the class on my sandstone practical, as far as I can tell. I haven't started my research yet, but I read two articles a week and am slowly coming up to speed on the Bighorn Basin.

3. I survived to my 30th birthday! And then I got very drunk.

4. I've managed to get myself back into good enough shape to start kung fu back up. I'm incredibly excited about that. I've learned the entirety of the sze sze chuen suong ta now, and I've gotten deep into ching men chuen. I feel like that's extremely good for only three months back.

5. I got an Exxon-Mobil research grant, so I'll be able to spend a month or so up in the Bighorn Basin next summer. That'll hopefully give me a good start to my research. Once I figure out what my topic is.

6. Got my first short story published at a professional rate! Yes, I know that I already mentioned this, but it's so exciting I think it's worth mentioning again.

7. I rescued a cat and helped find her a new home. I got to cat sit for her at the beginning of December, and she's thriving. Crazy, but thriving.

8. I got to go to TAM for the third year in a row and hang out with all of my friends - and got hugged by DJ Grothe (omg Squee). I also was able to go to MileHi Con for the first time in years, even if only for a day. I was very excited about that and had a blast. And, of course, capped that day with getting to go to a Not-Quite-a-W00tstock.

9. Made it back to the UK for Christmas this year, after skipping last year so we could save up for the wedding. It was really nice to get to see everyone, and have our (mostly) annual walk along the beach in Brighton.

The Bad

1. The furnace springs immediately to mind, since it also only just happened. While it's only a thing, and it didn't kill or harm anyone, the harm that it's done to our bank account still has me reeling. I also realized that if it had gone up before we headed to the UK, we wouldn't have made it this year. So a thing falling apart in and of itself isn't that big of a deal, it's the stress that it puts our household under that makes it bad.

2. In the same vein, getting the news that the car is going to fall apart soon and really isn't worth repairing was rough. On the good side, it's still running, even if it sounds so awful you feel like you should have a bag over your head when you drive it somewhere. But we know the day is coming, and now our money that was reserved for the car is gone, thanks to the furnace.

3. The class that shall not be named in grad school made the last three weeks of the semester a living hell during which I didn't even get to see my husband for more than a few hours a week. This is probably for the best, since if I had seen him I likely would have started screaming at him for no good reason, just because of the stress.

4. Being completely unable to find an internship for next summer. This was a major blow to my self-esteem, particularly since everyone assured me I had a rock-solid resume. Maybe I just suck that much at the interview part of the process. Of course, this also adds to the financial distress, since it means I won't be earning nearly as much in the summer of 2011 as I should. But what can you do... we'll survive.

So... twice as much good as bad. That's always an excellent sign! Hopefully 2011 will be even better. A little less woe in the finance department would be nice.


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