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Writer. The kind that makes enough money to live on. :(
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Glory. That movie RUINS me. Half a box of tissues, at least. The last twenty minutes of the movie I do nothing but sob and sob.
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Except kittens. Because, you know. KITTENS.
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I have two best friends, I'd say. I married one, and the other was my matron of honor at my wedding. ^_^ I've been friends (and more) with Mike for seven years now. And I've been friends with Kat for... oh man... twelve years? Thirteen years? Something like that. Wow.

And I am so very tired. It's been a long, exhausting weekend. Physically exhausting, at least. And I'm switching over to doing kung fu on Mondays, so I'm going to beat myself up some more tomorrow. We'll see if I survive. And I have a dentist appointment. But maybe I'll get some writing done? I hope?
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Well, as someone who has written a lot of fanfiction, I'd sure be a flaming hypocrite if I didn't say I love it. Part of it is because I feel that fanfiction really taught me how to write (see this entry here, if you please); it acted as "training wheels" that enabled me to learn the skills necessary to make my own original work interesting enough that I could stomach, you know, actually writing it. I also have read quite a bit of fanfiction that I enjoyed more than the original works it was based off of - for example, there's a hell of a lot of Gundam Wing fanfic that I think is superior to the original series, mostly because there was a lot of very questionable scripting involved. But that's a topic for another time.

Fanfic: When it's good, it's very very good, and when it's bad (*coughcoughmpregcoughcough*) it deserves to be infested with rabid, flesh-eating weasels. ON FIRE. But similar things can be said about a lot of original fiction.

I'm guessing this question was prompted by the recent Diana Gabaldon blow-up, which is really the redux of blow-ups that have been going on since fanfic got posted on the internet. And probably before, when fanfic was something that just occasionally showed up in zines, but at least then it was much quieter.

Frankly, I don't agree with Ms. Gabaldon, but hey, they're her books. It also makes me sad that Anne Bishop, for example, would rather people didn't write fanfiction of her works or use her characters for RP. That said, she's well within her rights to say as much, and such requests really ought to be respected. Fanfiction is supposed to be a love thing, and disrespecting the originator's request (or worse, attacking him or her for it) is a very NOT-lovey thing to do***.

Some day I hope to wear the professional author big-girl pants, and I think if I do, I'll belong to the John Scalzi school of dealing with fanfic since it seems like a nice, laid back attitude to have. And really, I think what he has to say really characterize how good ficcers ought to behave anyway, namely (1) don't steal by making money off of someone else's ideas, and (2) don't try to get the original author to read your fic because then there's room for things to get exceedingly ugly.

Also, as always, Wheaton's Law.

*** - and also plays in to the "scifi/fantasy fans are entitled brats" meme that wouldn't get nearly so much play if scifi/fantasy fans didn't occasionally (and LOUDLY) act like totally whiny, entitled brats.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Normally Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz will lift me out of any funk because I love those movies (and Simon Pegg) so very much. If I'm in such a bad mood that I can't even handle the vague intellectual stimulation of those movies, it's Scary Movie all the way. Normally #3, but #1 or #4 will do. If a stupid urination joke from Leslie Nielsen can't make you at least smile tiredly and snort, it's a black day indeed.


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