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Summary for all the action on Friday!

  • Kevin Standlee gives the report for the MPC and we re-elect the standing members.
  • Nitpicking and Flyspecking Committee report by Mr Eastlake. All members reappointed by the chair.
  • FOLLE Committee continues with no objection.
  • YA Award Committee officially sunsets this year and are thanked for their hard work.
  • The “No Vanishing Business” resolution returns with new language from the committee. Effectively, this will allow people to withdraw new business they’ve submitted to WSFS (with agreement from all submitting parties) up to 4 weeks before the first business meeting. The withdrawn business will still be available to be viewed, so that in the remaining two weeks before the business meeting deadline that business can be resubmitted if someone still really wants it brought up.
  • Committee report from the Hugo Award Study Committee from Mr. Docherty, which mostly acknowledges who has volunteered, tentative plans for moving forward, etc. Items D.6-8 are referred back to the study committee until next year.
  • Best Series Category is postponed definitely until Saturday, so it can be considered after seeing the Hugo results.
  • December Is Good Enough is ratified and will take effect next year. (This moves the deadline for buying memberships if you want to nominate for the Hugos up to December 31.)
  • Two Years Are Enough barely passes, 45-41. This N+1 WorldCon membership will no longer confer nominating rights for the Hugo. 2019 will be an exception to this.
  • The Young Adult Award is ratified 65-27.
    • A new amendment to name the YA Award “The Lodestar Award” passes despite items to change it to the L’Engle. This amendment is sent on for ratification in 2018.
    • So it should be noted that technically while we have an award in 2018, it can’t possibly have an official name until 2019 at the earliest. There was some wrangling over how WorldCon 76 might be able to get around this using the WorldCon’s constitutional power to create a special Hugo award.

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